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Running XD under WINE - InQ - 10-27-2013

I am ever so slowly moving over to a Ubuntu platform and already know I can run XD under WINE. I was doing that earlier today. I noticed that it seemed slow, so I checked and sure enough, it is only using one CPU of my (increasingly ancient) dual core. Does anybody here have experience of XD and WINE and have possible solution(s)? I would like to speed things up and use both cores.

And while I am thinking of things, I am getting a multi core machine in the near future (built from used parts) and hopefully a 21 inch monitor. Do you know if XD will use all the cores (I am assuming at least 4) or will it fall back to just the one?

RE: Running XD under WINE - Garth Thornton - 10-27-2013

XD up to v2.5 only uses one core for rendering, and one for lighting, but lighting may use a different core from rendering. Aside from that, the only way to use more cores is running multiple instances of XD, and I hope to improve the situation in future.

RE: Running XD under WINE - InQ - 11-02-2013

Thanks Garth. And I now have another question Smile. The computer has a 64 bit cpu. Do you know if there will be any issues with that under Wine?

RE: Running XD under WINE - Garth Thornton - 11-02-2013

No issues with 64bit CPU, and in 64 bit WINE you can use up to about 3.5GB of RAM.