XenoDream - 3D modelling and fractals

Artist's workshop, adventure playground, tool or toy - Xenodream is a unique 3D graphics program that caters for everything from casual play to serious creativity. Technically, it's a procedural modeller with fractal capabilities, with both rendering and export. It is mostly interactive, with mouse or keyboard control (no programming or formula editing).

XenoDream is available in two versions:

XenoDream v1.6

V1.62 is the final 1.x release. It has many improvements from v1.5:

  • Compatible with Windows Vista/7
  • Undo/Redo
  • 89 new metamorphs (179 total)
  • More holons (200)
  • New lighting options
  • Improved mesh export
  • User Guide with 50 topics
  • Hundreds of new gradient and lighting presets
  • Many more features and improvements


  • New: US$89
  • Upgrade from v1.x: FREE! See downloads for more information.

XenoDream v2.7

V2.7 has all the features of v1.6 and many more, including:

  • Windows theme support and 256 color button images
  • 12 steps of undo/redo
  • 207 additional metamorphs
  • More holons (400); grid options for preview; show only selected holons
  • New camera controls and switchable views
  • Import, sample and simplify gradients
  • Metamorph masks to hide parts of the object
  • Animation controls
  • Stereo postprocessing
  • Powerful texture editor for background pictures
  • Depth of Field filter
  • Soft shadows
  • Many mesh export improvements
  • Point Cloud export
  • See details of what is New in Version 2.7
  • See also what was New in Version 2.6
  • See also what was New in Version 2.4 and 2.5


  • New: US$119
  • Upgrade from v2.x: FREE! See downloads for more information.
  • Upgrade from v1.x: US$29.99

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For a detailed list of features, see the feature list.

Requirements for running XenoDream 1.6 or 2


  • Windows 2K/XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • Minimum screen resolution 800x600 (small fonts) or 1024x768 (large fonts)
  • At least 16 bit color. 24 or 32 bit color is recommended.
  • RAM: not important if you just want to play. For rendering very large pictures or exporting meshes in reasonable quality, 512MB is required and 2GB is recommended (or 4GB for maximum sizes in 64bit Windows).
  • CPU: The faster the better. However, XenoDream currently only uses one core or processor, and is not available in a 64bit version.
  • Graphics card performance is not important. XenoDream does not currently use any graphics card features.


XenoDream for Windows is reported to run well in Crossover or WINE.


Mac Intel: XenoDream for Windows has been tested and runs well in Crossover, Bootcamp and Parallels Virtualization, Wine and Wineskin. OSX versions are not planned.

Mac PowerPC: No. We do NOT recommend using it with Virtual PC.

Future development

Many exciting and useful features are planned for future versions, as well as improvements to the user interface.

For v2, any v2.x updates will be free.