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(12-26-2015, 05:47 AM)Garth Thornton Wrote: Ok, so assuming the help file opens when you click the second button on the second row, does it have a Hide or Show button in the toolbar? Depending on your Windows version and which IE version it has, there should be something like that to show the tabs with the Contents in it.

Are you by any chance running it in Wine in Linux? That has been known to have problems with CHM help files. Nobody has asked for it yet, but I should make a PDF version of the help available.

Also, the Enabled option in the Jux Exploring box should be ticked by default, so when you move the mouse over the preview you see different Julia shapes in the thumbnail, and can press J (or shift-click) to jump to that Juliia shape.

1st---I am using Chrome browser.

2nd---could you see the attachment I sent in the last email? It showed the window I get when I open Jux....

I guess I was in a rush before (I had to go out) because now I see the button you were talking about.  I'm going to try this tomorrow when I'm not so tired & maybe I will understand it then.

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