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I have a couple of fractals printed on canvas that were done by a commercial (as opposed to artist focused) company. But I did not pay full price. I used a Groupon (social coupon). I just bought another Groupon, this time for two 20"x24" canvases ... for $69 (shipping ... $15 flat rate ... and taxes not included). These canvases may not be the best, but the price is right, and it is a relatively inexpensive way to get a large print done. I am using this technique to build up a threshold of works so that I have a portfolio ready to go when I start talking to the galleries around town here.

I make sure that my images are rendered to suit the size at my desired resolution. Myself, I will not go below 200 dpi for any image printed at any size. If I was going for a quality giclee I would use 300 dpi. The two new ones are being done at 200 dpi, which means I am generating images that are 4000 x 4800 pixels in size. If I wanted anti-aliased edges to the fractal I would render at least 50% bigger (6000 x 7200 pixels) , preferably double (8000 x 9600 pixels) then resize down to the slected size.

Just a thought for all you artists out there Smile

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