Density problem
Hi Kaspar,
you're right about the Julia. (In fact the purely random method of Julia, as in Julia2z and Julia2y, has bad distribution and that is why we use the T versions with their own iteration methods, but it still has problems with constructors.) The holon scales near 40 are about right for a 'typical' constructor, but this depends on the metamorph scale and also other parameters that vary its shape, thickness etc. And in this case your sphere is much larger, so it needs either bigger scales or bigger density. Yes, I meant 1 for the iterator, 3 for the torus and 8 for the sphere, and these are just rough guesses from a bit of playing and watching the preview.

The holon densities should really be automatically adjusted for constructor sizes, and I want to do this but it would break compatibility badly so it has to wait for a major overhaul that breaks other compatibilities too.
Ideally the metamorph parameter names could change to suit each metamorph, because the meanings actually vary a lot. The whole shape (and color) handling has evolved a lot since the beginning and has become constrained by the design history.

There is another trick I often do for rendering Julias with constructors. I start with my best guess, and when the render is fairly well done but showing some problem areas, I stop it, and increase or decrease the Julia iterator density by a factor of 3, say, and render more, and see if it either increases the average pixel rates or starts filling in the problem areas faster. Increasing the iterator density helps with the smaller iterated details, while decreasing it helps with the first iterations of the constructors. But there may be iterations of constructors that are not helped by either approach. With more than one constructor, sometimes only one of them has problem iterations so I may reduce the other constructor densities by a lot.

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