How to? Lighting Environments
The main reason for having fixed locations for the env maps is to let you share parameter files with references to env maps independent of actual paths. So if I put a file open dialog in Jux it would be to copy files from somewhere, not just to open them. I hadn't actually thought of doing that, but there's no reason why not.

Jux checks both the program folder and the personal Env Map location. In general it's better to keep program files and data separate, as your personal data is not affected by uninstalling, is easier to backup separately, and standard user accounts may not have write access to program folders.

Jux treats images with aspect ratio above 1.8 as panoramic, which can be panned, and others as standard. A standard image is wrapped around a sphere from the center, with 75% of it in the front hemisphere, which is not as good as panoramic but it works ok.

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