Two Iterators?
Dear Garth,

I am a newbie using XenoDream 2.6 running under Windows 7 Pro and slowly working through the “Using XenoDream 2.6” manual.

I understood a constructor to be a holon of an independent shape and an iterator a holon that repeats the constructor a specified number of times. The number of times is set by the Max Iter.

The first part of Section 2.7 of “Using XenoDream 2.6” manual you describe how to create two holons: An iterator (Holon # 1) and a constructor (Holon # 2). By manipulating the settings of BOTH holons, I created different images and all worked very well.

In the second part of the section, you describe the process as using Two Iterators. What do you mean by that?

Thank you!

Doctor T

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