How to? Scales: Relationship and Meaning
The metamorph scale is specific to the metamorph (of which there may be two for a holon). For a constructor style it usually adjusts the size (for a few of them it was necessary to use it for something else); for other metamorphs it usually adjusts something related to scale, but not always.

The holon scale parameters adjust the X, Y and Z scales of the holon. This happens before any metamorphs are applied, unless the Metamorph's Rescale option is checked, in which case the holon scales come after the metamorph. A constructor overrides the holon scales unless Rescale is checked. Use Rescale to let the holon scales change a constructor's size differently in each direction. Reorient lets the holon rotations affect a constructor.

There are no units for the scales, so all distances are relative.

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