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RE: congratulations - Jane - 05-30-2013

This is really nice!
I LOVE Xenodream, and have taken Joseph's class twice. I think I will take it again, it was so much fun!
And in the last class I took, one of the students was using ArtMatic images for his backgrounds. And I now have ArtMatic.
I bought a little Dell laptop just so I could learn Xenodream, as Im a Mac user.
How I did this, was to make my XD images on the Dell, and then email them to myself to my big Mac, then put my best ones up on my site.
Maybe someday,,,,,,,? XD will be for Mac? But that would be a lot of work, so I keep my little Dell, which I only use for XD.

(ps, my favourite image of all time, is Garth's 'Murex')

RE: congratulations - AlanRalph - 05-30-2013

Hello all! Just activated my account, hopefully avatar and signature work!

RE: congratulations - Antlab - 05-31-2013

Hi all.
I just registered, and I think that a proper forum, like this one, is much better than the older yahoo groups.
I hope that with time this will become the new animated home for all the XD users.
Good work.

RE: congratulations - ImaginarySister - 05-31-2013

I just registered also, nice to see some familiar faces. Thank you Garth.

RE: congratulations - KarenS - 06-01-2013

Hi all, thanks for the new forum this is so much better ,never like yahoo groups Sad

RE: congratulations - Sandra Reid - 07-07-2013

Thanks for the new forum. I agree this is a much better way to find information and ask for assistance than the old Yahoo Groups.